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7 Reasons Why Black People should not Celebrate the Fourth of July

Jamal Muhammad July 4, 2017

Do we truly have our “independence?”

A question that most African-Americans ask themselves when they are faced with racial adversities in this country. Many black people feel that they are living in an illusion, but our delegators call it “freedom.” It is difficult to celebrate a holiday that represents “independence” when your ancestors were in shackles and chains against their will or if activists are still fighting for fundamental human rights in modern times.

So here are seven reasons why black people should not celebrate the Fourth of July:

7. This country was founded by racists, bigots, criminals, and slave owners.


6. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were not thinking about black people when they drafted the Declaration of Indepence.


5. White colonists stole land from the Natives.


4. Black people were enslaved.


3. White colonists established the Three-Fifths Compromise.


2. Juneteenth is not recognized as a federal holiday.


1. Black people are still fighting for their “independence.”


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