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About Us

imediago Company January 18, 2015

Imediago was founded in San Francisco, California to provide young African-American men with positive reinforcements that allows them to gain the confidence to change the common perception of what it means to be a “black man.” Straightforward stories are published weekly for young African-American men who are interested in what is recently happening in the world around them.

Black entrepreneurs and artists have the ability to advocate or advertise their business and brand on this particular platform. Lastly, Imediago’s primary objective is for voices to be heard, minds to be challenged, and for black men to be represented entirely through media entertainment.

Value Statement: “We help to encourage African-American men who feel unrepresented, unserved, and unheard to become self-empowered by capturing meaningful stories within the Black culture.”

Mission Statement: “Our aim here at Imediago is to create a deep-rooted connection with young African-American men through media entertainment and by exposing meaningful stories, trends, and brands so that people will be able to understand the world from a black man’s perspective.”