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Floyd Mayweather Moves to 50 and 0 in TKO Against Conor McGregor

Jamal Muhammad August 27, 2017

The greatest boxer of this generation.

Las Vegas, Nevada — For over a year, sports analysts, critics, and athletes were provoking two greats in their respective professions to go head-to-head in a boxing match.

28-year-old MMA fighter Conor McGregor challenged the best boxer of this generation, Floyd Mayweather, for the chance to have a boxing title, bragging rights, and a lot of money. Once major sporting platforms caught wind of those allegations, the story was in every other sporting headline. Media coverage ignited the fire within McGregor to make outlandish statements, thinking he can defeat Mayweather in boxing.

Side Note: Obviously, it had to be for the right price. According to ESPN, Floyd Mayweather took home over $100 million and Conor McGregor earned the most in his career at $30 million.

The fight was held at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas, and it became the most anticipated fight since Mayweather fought professional boxer Manny Pacquiao for the first time.

Even nosebleed seats cost thousands of dollar and The New York Times reported that the fight may have been the largest pay-per-view event in cable history. Celebrities from different industries such as LeBron James, Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez and more wanted to attend the event to apart of history.

McGregor came with something to prove and Mayweather cemented his legacy.


Here’s a round-by-round summary of the fight:

Round 1: McGregor comes out with a bang

In the opening seconds, McGregor had Mayweather on the ropes and the viewers started to see the MMA fighter’s punching ability.

Right jab after right jab, McGregor is proving why he belongs in the ring with Mayweather.

Round 2: McGregor creates space

McGregor begins to pummel Mayweather on the top of his head. Soon enough, the referee calmly warns McGregor to discontinue his actions. It seemed as if McGregor was alluding back to his martial arts roots, but it is illegal to hammer someone’s head in boxing.

In round two, McGregor did a great job of creating space even though he was not landing any rigid punches.

Round 3: McGregor gets aggressive

Mayweather was all about defense in the opening rounds, while taking body shots from the 28-year-old.

McGregor was winning and started showing his offensive abilities. However, his stamina began to dwindle as he threw punches.

Round 4: Mayweather started to response

Mayweather allowed McGregor to throw some punches, and he used the ropes to have McGregor lose stamina.

The momentum changed once Mayweather landed a rigid right hand to the face. Following the right hand, Mayweather added a few body shots. The round was close but judges gave to Mayweather.

Round 5: McGregor started displaying exhaustion

McGregor was not even throwing sub par punches, he was just swiping and tapping Mayweather.

In the last minute of the 5th round, Mayweather capitalized on the missed punches with an overhanded right, and he then connected with a left. McGregor fell back but gained his balance on the last step.

Up until the 5th round, McGregor had a 51-40 lead but Mayweather stepped up and took control of the match.

Round 6: Mayweather goes on the offense

The bell rung and Mayweather had his back turned but McGregor took it upon himself to land some cheap shots. The referee stopped the encounter and after that Mayweather was determined to win, landing combinations that had the crowd jumping out of their seats.

Round 7: Age is nothing but a number

Mayweather’s speed became a problem for McGregor because every time he tried to escape the 40-year-old would meet him with a jab.

Mayweather still has the best hands in the business at the age of 40.

Round 8: Mayweather took a commanding lead

Mayweather took over the fight with patience and defense. He slowly beat McGregor down in the 8th round, punching the MMA fighter with purpose.

 Round 9: McGregor did not want it

At this point of the match, the only thing McGregor was able to do was bear hug Mayweather when he was tired. Though McGregor did connect with strong right and Mayweather stumbled a little bit.

The referee went between the both of them to calm them down. Mayweather returned the favor with a spate of right-hand punches. McGregor was leaning hard on the ropes.

Round 10: It’s all over

Mayweather’s confidence got a boost when he realized that McGregor had no chance of winning. McGregor’s face was turning red and swollen, after receiving several combinations. The referee noticed that McGregor was leaning on the ropes too much, and called a T.K.O.  with 1:55 remaining in the round.

Mayweather earned the most wins without loses in boxing history, surpassing boxing legend Rocky Marciano‘s record.


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