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‘Get Out’ has Become the Most Financially Rewarding Film of the Year

Jamal Muhammad August 7, 2017

Who would have thought a race-baiting film would become arguably the best movie of the year.

Black comedian and filmmaker Jordan Peele understands the concept of “do more with less.” On Aug. 3, The Wrap reported that Get Out has become the most lucrative film of 2017.

The movie grossed $175 million globally and $252 million domestically at the box office with only a $4.5 million expense budget and spending $30 million on marketing, according to The Wrap.

Furthermore, the social thriller catapulted Peele’s career into A-list territory┬áin Hollywood. Now almost every major film production company in Hollywood wants to work with the 38-year-old filmmaker.

According to The Boombox, Universal Pictures and Peele are working on a horror movie, and it will be released on March 15, 2019. Also, Peele will write upcoming HBO Jim Crow series.


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