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Twin Brothers Create an App that Locates Pickup Basketball Games in Your Area

Jamal Muhammad March 21, 2017

 Sometimes it is hard to find a good pickup game.

Sacramento, California — Twin brothers Donte and Dominic Morris are solving a problem that many basketball enthusiasts endure in their neighborhood. In most communities, the courts are overpopulated, gym memberships are overpriced, and free recreation gyms are limited.

So the twins decided to build an app that connects and locates people who are interested in playing scrimmage basketball in their area. Subsequently, the Sacramento State graduates created Hoop Maps LLC.


“I always miss a good game. There has to be a better opportunity where I get out of work, look at my phone, and see where the games are being played at,” said Dante to CBS Sacramento.

The app has grown substantially over the several months it has been operating and over 1,000 users have already signed up. Hoop Maps’ biggest market is in Oklahoma City and is still growing.

First, players download from the App Store and Google Play. Second, create a profile with a featured image. Third, check-in with your location and organize a live game. Finally, invite friends to enjoy the fun.


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