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O.J. Simpson is a Free Man after Serving Nine Years in a Nevada Prison

Jamal Muhammad October 1, 2017

Hopefully, he stays out of trouble.

Pershing County, Nevada — Former NFL player O.J. Simpson was eligible for parole in July, after being convicted of armed robbery in 2007. Images were released of Simpson leaving Lovelock Correctional Center in secret at 12:08 a.m. on Sunday, according to The New York Times.

10 years ago, Simpson went to a Las Vegas hotel to comfort a sports memorabilia dealer because Simpson claimed that the dealer stole valuable family items from his playing days.

There were reports on Simpson, stating that he possessed a gun, threatened the alleged thief and held him as a hostage. Subsequently, the once beloved football player was charged with arm robbery, which led him receiving 33 years in prison.

Simpson served his minimum sentence based on good behavior. Hopefully, he stays out of trouble.

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