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Over 100 Retired Officers Rallied in Support of Colin Kaepernick and NY Activists has a Message for Roger Goodell

Jamal Muhammad August 25, 2017

It’s bigger than football…

Brooklyn, New York — NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick is probably in the top five of public figures making headline news weekly. On Aug. 19, over 100 retired New York policeman rallied in support of Kaepernick at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, wearing black #IMWITHKAPt-shirts, according to The New York Times (NYT).

Know Your Rights Camp, Kaepernick’s non-profit, posted pictures from the gathering on Twitter and Instagram.

The New York Police Department wanted to show that they are fighting against racial injustice and police brutality alongside Kaepernick.

“As members of law enforcement, we can confirm that the issues he is saying exist in policing, and throughout the criminal justice system, indeed exist,” said Raymond at the rally.

Sergeant Edwin Raymond organized the protest and told NYT that the motive behind the rally is in response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Aww shucks, I done made it. I got a video from the @the.root #ImWithKap

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One of the speakers at the protest, New York City Councilman Jumaane D. Williams, spoke on more police officers across the country need to hold their working peers accountable for their action.

“All of the people behind me risk their lives, so to speak, to protect folks, and they are standing with Kaepernick because they understand how important it is to push back on the structure,” said Councilman Williams.

Even an 81-year-old retired officer, Frank Serpico, was at the event because he believes that cops need to be audited properly. Serpico investigated police fraudulence for over 30 years, according to HuffPost.

“He’s trying to hold up this government up to our founding fathers. Until racism in America is no longer taboo, we own up to it, we admit it, we understand it and then we do what we have to do to solve it, unfortunately, we’re going to have these issues,” said Serpico in an Associated Press interview.

Now, the “United We Stand” organization is planning to gather over 20 activists in New York to send NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell an intriguing message, according to YahooSports. Activist are preparing to congregate at the NFL Headquarters in Midtown Manhattan within weeks.

Since, Kaepernick has not been signed to a team — even though he has a better resume than all second string quarterbacks — people are in raged that he lost his job due to his beliefs.

It has been over a year since Kaepernick kneeled during the  National Anthem. NFL teams are still questioning his ability and struggling with the attention his silent protest brought.

Kaepernick is only using his platform and voice with good intentions. However, he is being treated as a selfish antagonizer.


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