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The Smith Family Pledged $5 Million to Help Tyrese Fight his Custody Battle

Jamal Muhammad November 8, 2017

Tyrese gets the money on one condition: IF HE STAYS OFF THE INTERNET!

Over the last few weeks, R&B singer and actor Tyrese Gibson has been dealing with bad luck and uncontrollable circumstances. From having a public outburst about his Fast & Furious castmates on Instagram to fighting his ex-wife Norma Gibson in a brutal custody battle, according to Hip-Hop Lately. Tyrese was soon hospitalized for chest pain due to the stress from his last hearing.

Last Wednesday, he uploaded a viral video on Instagram, crying out to his 9.3 million followers because he felt that he was going to losing his daughter, Shayla Gibson, for good. It seemed as if he was all out of options.

But prominent actors Will and Jada Smith came to the rescue after Tyrese spoke about his financial troubles. He then posted a conversation he had with the Smiths on Instagram and claimed that the Smiths bestowed $5 million toward his situation.

However, Tyrese only gets the money if he stays off the internet, according to Hip-Hop Lately.