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NBA Power Forward Trevor Booker is in Charge of 18 Businesses

Jamal Muhammad August 8, 2017

How is that even possible with an NBA career to maintain?

People should have not any more excuses regarding their time after reading this story. If the Brooklyn Nets power forward Trevor Booker can play in an 82-game season while managing several businesses anything is possible.

Trevor Booker during the 2016-2017 NBA season, while playing for the Brooklyn Nets. Photo Credit: NBA

 “To say that I’m an entrepreneur is an understatement,” said Booker in a Business Insider interview.

During the offseason, Booker puts his time and efforts into activities that are much bigger than basketball. According to the Business Insider, the 29-year-old power forward owns 18 companies in the various industry such as real estate, music, education, sports academics, and venture capitalism.

“One of the things that we brought up is that we don’t know what each other has going on. We wish that more [players] would take advantage of their resources to start business ventures and do something different,” said Booker. 

In July, Booker broadens his horizon by traveling to Silicon Valley and San Francisco with 13 NBA players on a tour organized by the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), according to the Business Insider.

Trevor Booker, from the Brooklyn Nets, plays a game of basketball inside of the matrix at STRIVR. Photo Credit: Business Insider

Throughout the tour, the players were able to network with tech representatives from companies such as STRIVR, Intel, and IBM.

“We can really help each other’s businesses, so that’s something we vowed to do,” said Booker.